The Schulhof Foundation is a not-for-profit organization created to promote the excavation and restoration of one of Europes most beautiful and historically significant synagogues - The Buried Synagogue of Medieval Buda






Board of Directors    


Harry  Schulhof

 Zev S.E. Schulhof  DMD, MD

                  Adam B. Schulhof DMD                  

Kenneth T. Schulhof

 Jonathan M. Schulhof MD


Honorary Director


E. Sylvester Vizi, MD, PhD, DSc, MHAS

     Past President,

     Hungarian Academy of Sciences


International Advisory Board


Yossi Ben-Nun - Israel


Dr. Aurel Budai- Hungary

Gabor Deak - Hungary

Gabor Dettre- Hungary

Dr. Piroska Czetenyi Antal - Hungary

Gabriel Kertesz - Israel




Barbara Schulhof Doffek

Cantor Moshe Schulhof

Ruchama Schulhof

Judith Schulhof Zinner

Jacob Schulhof

Faye Schulhof Winter

Nora Schulhof

Yael Schulhof

Lisa Schulhof

Braha Schulhof

Ariella Schulhof

Atara Schulhof

Daniella Schulhof

Joseph Schulhof

Benjamin Schulhof

Ariella D. Schulhof

Julia Schulhof

Temimah Schulhof

David M. Schulhof

Leah Schulhof

Ava Schulhof

David Schulhof

Aryeh Schulhof

Adina Schulhof


Howard M. Kaplan, Esq.




501 (c) (3) Charitable Organization No. 45-3015018